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Welcome to the CTO Blog!  Ideas and information about the people, process and technology -- and our collective progress on these that are important for UC Berkeley and of interest to our students, faculty and staff. 

Jupyterhub at Berkeley

May 10, 2019

Bill Allison

We live in a world awash in data. As individuals and as a society we need to learn how to better understand, analyze and use it.  To that end, Berkeley recently started an exciting initiative to teach every undergraduate the fundamentals of data science. As the first chapter of the open source book for Data 8 (one of the courses) puts it: 

Updates and Progress on Cloud Computing at Berkeley

April 5, 2019
Bill Allison

The most salient recent developments have been in focusing our work to align with the Chancellor's strategy -- in the case of cloud computing, especially towards support for scaling up Jupyterhub to meet the needs of the Division of Data Sciences.

The Berkeley Cloud Strategy

February 2, 2019

Bill Allison

I wanted to share a brief overview of UC Berkeley's Cloud Strategy so that anyone can get a sense of it in a few minutes. The most important takeaway is that it directs our focus always to be "University First".  As a campus, we must invest in technology that meets the needs of the campus mission for our faculty, students, and administration -- rather than focusing on technology first or "Cloud First".