Cloud Strategy

UC Berkeley's Cloud Strategy was developed by CTO Bill Allison, with input from the Cloud Strategy Working Group and campus, and integrated with the Reimagining IT planning project. The Cloud Strategy directs our focus to be "University First". We will invest in technology that meets the needs of the campus mission for our faculty, students, and administration -- rather than focusing on technology first or "Cloud First"

The IT services market is in the middle of a multi-year shift to cloud delivery from on-premises datacenters. Berkeley has a mature datacenter, financial constraints and other factors that influence the timing of our strategy. Our goal has been to move to cloud solutions opportunistically when such moves make sense financially to Berkeley. When considering any technical solution, as a part of analysis, we should always explore whether a cloud solution (especially SaaS) is available and whether it makes sense for our business requirements and financial models. But we must think first about UC Berkeley's mission and business needs. So, for example, in a meeting of Deans, the conversation should start by asking "How can we accelerate the pace of our research and tackle problems that today seem impossible?" We should not lead with "What should we do with cloud computing?" An administrator seeking to automate the management of a business process should first ask: "How can we transform a function (such as student advising, enrollment, travel reimbursement) to make everyone's experience better, faster, and cheaper?"

Berkeley will continue to move applications and infrastructure to the cloud, and to transform our operations with automation. These strategic moves will help the University avoid being saddled with what will be expensive and disjointed legacy technologies down the road. You can become more familiar with the strategy and get a high level view of background, strategy and rationale in UC Berkeley’s Future-Looking Cloud Strategy (PDF).