Enterprise Integration (API) Standard


To improve business and technical agility, eliminate layers of duplicate effort, and reduce risk by establishing a campus standard for information exchange among systems using the hub-and-spoke API-based integration service run at https://api-central.berkeley.edu.

A campus standard for data integration will reduce the number of technologies and vendor products & services in use, reduce duplicative technical and administrative effort, and build transferable skills among staff by using a single, repeatable model for data integrations. The hub-and-spoke nature of the model will enforce loose coupling of integrated systems, allowing each to grow and change quickly without complex interdependencies. Additionally, we will reduce the myriad of point-to-point integrations between systems on campus, which will help us manage security, increase visibility and accountability, and monitor usage for threat protection and capacity planning.

At the recommendation of the Information Technology Architecture and Infrastructure Committee, the campus API Central service is mandatory for all Peoplesoft systems, including BFS, SIS and UCPATH. Anyone doing integrations betweeen University administrative or critical academic systems is strongly encouraged to integrate using API Central. Please direct any questions or concerns to cto@berkeley.edu.

For more information, please read the full text of the proposed standard