Cloud Meeting 020: Extreme Science with XSEDE (12/09/2020)

Meetup Playlist

Cloud Meetup 020 (December 9, 2020)

Heather Amato & Oliver Mullerklein - Research IT

Heather Amato & Oliver Mullerklein, as domain consultants from Research IT, give an overview of XSEDE resources and architecture, explaining what resources are available and how it fits into the research process. 

Deepti Karandur - Kuriyan Lab

Deepti Karandur, a post-doc in the Kuriyan Lab, talks about her use high-performance computing resources like XSEDE to study the structure-function relationships in cancer proteins. She discusses building models of proteins, simulating their dynamics to understand how their structures change over time, and how this affects their ability to perform their functions. 

Collin Bode & J. Scott Smith - Dendra

Collin Bode, Data Scientist & J. Scott Smith, Full Stack Developer, Eel River Critical Zone Observatory and the California Heartbeat Initiative, talk about Dendra. Dendra is a realtime data acquisition, management, and curation system for time-series data. Its microservices architecture leverages XSEDE’s Jetstream system for both scalability and high availability (HA 99.9%).