Cloud Meetup Entry

These are entries for upcoming and past UC Berkeley Cloud Meetups

UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 041: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab — Materials Project (03/30/2023)

This month features Patrick Huck, a Senior Computer Systems Engineer from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, who will discuss how they are transitioning the Materials Project (MP, to fully operate in the cloud.

UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 037: UCOP's Digital Transformation (09/29/2022)

September's meetup features Kari Robertson, the Executive Director of Infrastructure at the UC Office of the President, where she is responsible for leading their successful cloud transition.

UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 036: HPC & the Cloud (08/25/2022)

August's meetup features a research IT presentation featuring Gary Jung's work on costs for high performance computing in the cloud.

UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 035: Berkeley Skydeck (07/14/2022)

This month features presentations by a couple UC Berkeley SkyDeck startups who will share their experiences building products that are delivered and built via cloud technologies.

UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 034: Google Cloud Platform and Research at UC Berkeley (05/26/2022)

This month's meetup is the third in a series of vendor showcase meetups in which the UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Meetup asks one of our cloud vendors to demo research oriented applications using their cloud stack. This month features presentations by two UC researchers who will share their experiences working with Google Cloud Platform and how it has accelerated their research.

UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 033: Yoga and Machine Learning (04/28/2022)

This month, the Cloud Meetup hosted Dr. Alexandra Savelieva and Linda Yang who discussed “Stay Fit, Stay Safe,” a deep learning solution employing AI to analyze and structure video content . It enables easier discovery and understanding of online yoga classes to help people efficiently practice in the comfort and safety of their homes, while reducing cost. The solution is hosted on Azure cloud platform and includes a user-friendly UI, a highly accurate ML classifier that has been trained to detect over 70 main poses, as well as a recommendation engine, allowing yoga practitioners to specify...