UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 036: HPC & the Cloud (08/25/2022)

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036-01 - HPC & the Cloud - UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 036 (Aug. 25, 2022)

Gary Jung

Gary Jung is the lead for the Scientific Computing Group at the Lab and is the manager for the High Performance Computing service at UC Berkeley. He has been in the HPC field for over 20 years and started the Scientific Computing Support program at the Lab in 2003 — one of the first such programs at a large Tier 1 research institution. He also led the effort to launch Lawrencium in 2008, a Top500 list HPC Linux cluster at the time, in order to make institutional HPC available to all Lab researchers. Other projects include a strategic role in the development of the highly successful Berkeley Research Computing program at UC Berkeley in 2014.
Gary holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University. His hobbies include traveling, cooking and working on HPC (high performance cars)