UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 040: Ethnic Studies Changemakers (02/23/2023)

Meetup #39

040-01 - Ethnic Studies Changemaker - UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 040 (Feb. 23, 2023)

Digital Chicanx

The first project is the completion of the third volume of a digital journal dedicated to Chicanx Studies and works produced by students in the courses. The Digna Rabia digital journal uses Adobe InDesign to produce a journal that showcases the podcasts and oral histories of students in the Mexican and Central American Migration Fall course. One unique aspect of this digital journal is the use of digitized images and photos that students incorporate in their oral histories. The images have an added element of including augmented reality using the artivive application. The AR images share audio and other images in AR format to extend the oral histories and written work. They are now working on the third installment.

UC Berkeley Campus History Augmented Reality

The next project is a public AR project, funded by the Berkeley Collegium Grant. It uses Adobe Aero to produce a campus augmented reality (AR) public history scene. The team will share a brief prototype of the various scenes we presented last Fall with Greg Neimeyer. We hope to have a map and QR code available by the end of the semester for communities to use with Adobe Aero.

Ethnic Studies Library Archives Augmented Reality

Finally, four dedicated students are working on creating a prototype AR application similar to Artivive for use with various archives at the Ethnic Studies Library on campus. The project will converse with the group at the meetup on what they have envisioned and what collective ideas they can take from the Meetup to incorporate in their action plan.