UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 042: Generative AI — A Critical Conversation (04/27/2023)

Meetup Playlist

042-01 - Generative AI: A Critical Conversation  - UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 042 (Apr. 27, 2023)

This month's event is the first in a series on large language models, ChatGPT and generative AI more broadly.

The pace of developments and adoption of generative AI tools such as ChatGTP has been faster than any previous information technology. Many would agree it is the most important development in information technology since the creation of the world wide web. To better understand this phenomenon, the UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup has assembled our first ever panel to discuss generative AI's impact on UC Berkeley's research, education, and IT strategy. We will discuss the promise and challenges posed by this generative AI tool along with its likely implications for UC Berkeley in areas as broad as meeting data security and privacy standards to the potential financial costs of using on-prem vs cloud AI systems.

The panelists include:

  • Camille Crittenden, Executive Director of CITRIS
  • Jenae Cohn, Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Greg Merritt, DevOps Lead of C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute

Moderated by Anthony Suen, Director of Data Science Discovery Program at the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society.