Cloud Meetup 013: BoxOfDocs, Sherlock Cloud, and Stanford Research (04/28/2020)

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013-intro - UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Meetup 013 (Apr 28, 2020)

Derrick Koenig - BoxOfDocs

Derrick Koenig, Founder and CEO of BoxOfDocs talks about their SkyDeck startup which is on a mission to help local governments work together to create vibrant, safe and thriving communities on a global scale. BoxOfDocs accomplishes this by providing online applications for local government administration teams that promote inter-municipal collaboration, knowledge sharing and peer networking. Derrick also shares how their team has reacted to the current global pandemic and the impact BoxOfDocs has had.

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Sandeep Chandra - Sherlock Cloud

Sandeep Chandra, Director of Health Cyberinfrastructure Division at the San Diego Supercomputing Center presents about Sherlock Cloud, a secure, multi-tenant, and managed cloud platform that meets the FISMA, HIPAA & NIST CUI requirements.

William Law - Research Computing at Stanford

William Law, Technical Lead and Architect, and Ruth Marinshaw, CTO for Research Computing from Stanford University, presents about using Kubernetes to support clouds for research at Stanford.

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