Cloud Meeting 017: Deepshika Dhanasekar/Student, Andrea Wang/AHEAD Medicine, Dmitry Mishin/UCSD SDSC (08/25/2020)

Meetup Playlist

017-01 - Intro - UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 017 (Aug 25, 2020)

Deepshika Dhanasekar - Undergraduate Student

Deepshika Dhanasekar, a Berkeley undergraduate student in the Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program at the College of Engineering and the Haas School of Business will give a beginners perspective on cloud computing featuring a case study from her internship at Lyft using AWS.

SkyDeck Startup Showcase: Andrea Wang, Founder, AHEAD Medicine: AHEAD focuses on developing AI-based diagnostics tools for cancer precision medicine and has developed a fully automated flow cytometry analysis platform (AHEAD-flow) that is 100 times faster than current method. This could support physicians to identify patients who need treatment faster and reduce unnecessary treatment delay. Their prototype is currently hosted on AWS and has been elected to be one of the 2020 CYTO Innovation Showcase finalists. 

Dmitry Mishkin - UCSD SDSC/Calit2

Dmitry Mishin, Applications Developer from UCSD SDSC/Calit2,  will talk about the Nautilus Kubernetes cluster, including the history of it and how it has developed. Dmitry will describe their vision of its future, in which they envision a federation of various Kubernetes clusters that will enable further unifying computations by abstracting the hardware needed for scientists.