Cloud Meetup 001 (March 2019)

Meetup Video

001 - UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Meetup 001 (March 26, 2019)

Shane Knapp - RISE Lab

Shane Knapp is the Staff EECS Research Technical Lead, and works directly with RISELab ( managing a AWS Consolidated Billing Family with around 200 accounts, all doing research tasks in the cloud. Managing an organization of this size is fraught with many perils, and Shane will share war stories, lessons learned and gap between what solutions are possible and what is not.

Lindsey Heagy - Project Jupyter

Lindsey discusses large scale research deployments of JupyterHub in research using Kubernetes like the Pangeo project.

Lukas Gentele - DevSpace

Lukas discusses the scalability and portability of Kubernetes without the pain of managing an entire cluster through his work with Cloud at DevSpace.