Cloud Meetup 003 (May 2019)

Zane Cooper - Haas School of Business

Zane Cooper, as Director of Research Computing, provides a  Jupyter Notebook demo coupled with discussion of the underlying Jupyterhub infrastructure. 

Juanita Moreno and Eduardo Alvarez - Workep

Juanita Moreno is CMO and Eduardo Alvarez is CEO at Workep ( Juanita talks about how Workep came to be, and how it aims to revolutionize cross-enterprise collaboration with a tool that is fast, easy to use and fully integrated within G Suite. She provides a demo and talks about their strategy including the decision to deliver an integrated experience with Google's GSuite. CEO Eduardo Alvarez is on-hand to describe the product's technical architecture (built on GCP) that underpins the Workep experience. 

Krishna Muriki - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Krishna Muriki is a computer systems engineer both at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the UC Berkeley campus. Krishna talks about what's involved in running a typical application used by researchers on a Kubernetes infrastructure. He contrasts this paradigm with a traditional Linux cluster like UC Berkeley’s shared Institutional resource, Savio. PRP’s Nautilus cluster is used for the demo. See: and