Cloud Meetup 005 (July 2019)

Ira Tarshis - UC Davis Cloud Services

Ira Tarshis, is a Cloud Services Architect working at UC Davis and has been responsible for the deployment of the Secure Research Computing Environment on AWS that's NIST 800-171 compliant.

Pavan Gupta - UCSF Digital Health

Pavan Gupta, a Digital Health Engineer working at the UC San Francisco, splits his time between providing computing solutions for researchers and participating in research activities himself. He's deployed a HIPAA compliant research computing environment in Amazon Web Services and has a deep understanding of both the administrative and technological hurdles to providing secure cloud computing environments for health research.

Sasha Iatsenia - Kiwi Campus.

Sasha Iatsenia, Head of Product from Kiwi Campus, will talk about the ubiquitous food delivery robots and the logistics platform that Kiwi has become. The talk will discuss how the cloud has enabled them to scale, and how they have used different cloud providers for different things - including training the machine learning for the autonomous robots using virtual environments.Kiwi Campus.