Cloud Meetup 009 (Nov 2019)

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Cloud Meetup 009 (November 26, 2019)

Alex Saroyan is the CEO and Co-founder of xCloud. With 16+ years of experience building and managing carrier and data center networks, Alex emphasizes the role of Open Equipment, Open Software, Intelligent algorithms, Smart design, Machine learning and Intent-Based approaches in helping humanity to meet exponentially growing infrastructure needs. Through this talk, Saroyan discusses Network Automation for next generation of data centers.

Anna Sackmann, Science Data & Engineering Librarian at the Kresge Engineering Library ( and Amy Neeser, Consulting + Outreach Lead, UC Berkeley Research IT ( Anna and Amy present on their work understanding and supporting researcher needs through the curation and maintenance of virtual machine images and containers. The talk covers provisioning and running VM images using cloud resources; portability of researcher environments to multiple computational resources or platforms; efficiency in reproducing and sharing environments that are proven and configured for a researcher’s workflow; and citability in descriptions of research methodology.

Christopher D. McCoy, lecturer at the Haas School of Business and CEO of You3DIt. ( & ), shares his story of enabling inventors with their journeys from zero to prototype; specifically focusing on the cloud-based tools, services and infrastructures that help yield unprecedented access to design engineering and manufacturing for the masses through “Hardware as a Service” or HaaS.