IT Standards

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Pragmatic standards lower costs, simplify operations and help people consistently make sounder information technology decisions.  At a large public research University, successfully promoting standards also requires  accommodating exceptions.  We have long taken the position of advocating "standardization wherever possible, differentiation where it matters." In order to increase the standardization of IT, the University has several organizations and processes led by the CTO.

The IT Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (ITAIC) and its subcommittee, the Campus Infrastructure Architecture Team (CIAC), and several domain-specific working groups are all part of our efforts to create sensible standards and a reasonable exception process. UC Berkeley's IT governance draws on the strength of the OneIT community, working together to simplify and standardize the out IT operations. Together, it is all of our jobs to help campus effectively use technology to achieve UC Berkeley's strategic goals and initiatives.

As the main proponent of campus enterprise architecture, the CTO is a member of the University's IT Leadership Group,  ex-officio to the IT Council, in addition to sitting on several advisory boards and acting as an informal advisor for campus organizations.