UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 029: AWS and the RiseLab (10/28/2021)

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Cloud Meetup 029 (Oct. 28, 2021)

To the Cloud and Beyond: A Brief View of Cloud Computing Research at UC Berkeley

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez - Co-directory of the UC Berkeley RISE Lab

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez is the co-directory of the UC Berkeley RISE Lab where he studies the design of Real-time, Intelligent, Secure, and Explainable systems. He is also a member of the Berkeley AI Research Group. Gonzalez's research addresses problems in neural network design, computer vision, natural language processing, prediction serving, cloud computing, and autonomous vehicles. Gonzalez also helped develop the Data Science program at UC Berkeley and co-created Data100 which is now taught to over 1200 students a semester. Gonzalez’s innovative work has earned him significant recognition, including the Okawa Research Grant, NSF Early Career Award, and the NSF Expedition Award.