Cloud Meetup 016: Marisa Strong & Terry Brady/California Digital Library, Shawn Razek/Xoba Labs, Bill Allison/UC Berkeley CTO (07/28/2020)

Meetup Playlist

Cloud Meetup 016 (July 28, 2020)

Marisa Strong & Terry Brady - California Digital Library

Marisa Strong & Terry Brady from the California Digital Library will present about using presigned URLs in the Merritt Preservation System which provides digital preservation for 50 million files totaling 150 TB of original content. The Merritt System has utilized cloud storage and cloud compute resources for several years and the team is currently undertaking a number of initiatives that embrace cloud computing design patterns to assist with an ever increasing volume of content. They will discuss how one such pattern, presigned URLs, has improved system reliability.

Marisa and Terry's Slides

Shawn Razek - Xoba Labs

SkyDeck Startup Showcase: Shawn Razek, CEO/Founder Xoba Labs. Shawn will talk about how Xoba uses cloud infrastructure to make it easier than ever to discover, organize, and share information across work applications and teams.

Bill Allison - UC Berkeley

Bill Allison, UC Berkeley Chief Technology Officer, will talk about how we are modernizing our IT practices and engaging people to work together on more strategic approaches to hybrid and cloud computing.