Cloud Meetup 011 (Feb 2020)

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011-01 - Pundit Analytics - UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Meetup 011 (Feb 25, 2020)

Glenn Parham - Pundit Analytics

As the CEO and founder of Pundit Analytics, a political tech company based in Berkeley that automates competitive intelligence, Glenn discusses how, as the 2020 election heats up, Pundit Analytics is leveraging cloud infrastructure to process unprecedented amounts of political data and extract valuable insights for their clients.

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Instagram: @punditanalytics

Twitter: @PunditAnalytics


Lindsey Heagy - Project Jupyter and James Colliander - Syzygy

Lindsey gives a brief talk about JupyterHub in for research & education and talking about projects like Callysto & Pangeo and how these will evoke the need for a strategy for higher education for interactive computing (like Jupyterhub). Some of you may recall that Lindsey spoke at our first meetup last year: - we were thrilled to have her back! 

James Colliander (Director of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical sciences) launched Canada's national JupyterHub infrastructure Syzygy. James presents on the future of interactive computing including how Jupyter's future could play out internationally via consortia of institutions collaborating on delivering and consuming common infrastructure.

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Twitter: @ProjectJupyter


PIMS Demonstrating Use of Syzygy Services
Syzygy Services are Used in the UC Berkeley Data 8 Course