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The Berkeley Connected Campus

The CTO Innovation Program recognizes the importance of the University's physical infrastructure, both the new as well as the historical. Current "smart" and "Internet of Things" technologies can bridge the physical and digital campus, making previously unimaginable experiences and efficiencies possible. It will take a multi-organizational endeavor, convening people from different units to rethink the processes, technology and information to realize this vision.

The Berkeley Connected Campus establishes formal connections between IT and other key infrastructure providers -- Parking & Transportation, Facilities, Environmental Health & Safety, CITRIS (including advisors from the CITRIS Policy Lab) among others. Unlike many other "smart campus" and "smart city" initiatives, the UC Berkeley approach is grounded in a "people-first" design ethos, grounded in a collaborative design process and emphasis on the connectedness and empowerment of the community -- building a thoughtful orchestration of technolgies to amplify human potential and increase our agency and autonomy.

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Active Projects in FY21: