Fall Technology Innovation Forum

Fall Technology Innovation Forum

The 2020 Fall Technology Innovation Forum brings together an inspiring and diverse group of teams to share their experiences bringing new innovations to Berkeley.

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UC Berkeley 2020 Fall Technology Innovation Forum: Innovation in the Time of Coronavirus

Video of the live webcasts is available on demand below!

The Fall Technology Innovation Forum was planned as a part of the Berkeley Changemaker™ Technology Innovation program.  Awardees of the Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants and leaders of Berkeley Connected Campus projects will present their innovative projects and experiments.

Presenters will present what they have built or created so far. The conference theme "Innovation in the Time of Coronavirus" aims to show how these teams' work is important and relevant now (as well as for a post-pandemic future). The Forum is open to the public, staff and academics (including students & faculty) and alumni.

The Forum was originally envisioned as an all-day event in a venue like the MLK center. Given the pressures of the pandemic on our community, we have scaled back and are hosting the event as two one-hour webcasts. We've adopted a lightning talk format that keeps things concise but impactful. The webcasts will be streamed at the Fall Technology Innovation Forum at noon on November 17th & 18th. Presenters will join the webcast to exchange ideas and answer questions via chat during the broadcast. After the event the full webcast video as well as each individual segment will be available for on-demand viewing.

Interaction via Discord

In the spirit of innovation, some students have created a Discord server for interaction throughout the duration of the innovation forum. You may join this unofficial channel via the server here

For details and instructions on how to use Discord, please refer here

Re-Watch the Day One webcast

Fall Technology Innovation Forum Day One - Webcast

Day 1 Program (Nov. 17, 2020): Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation

12:00pm Welcoming Remarks

UC Berkeley Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Jenn Stringer will kickoff the event and make some opening remarks and then UC Berkeley CTO Bill Allison will provide some brief thoughts on the theme of innovation in the time of coronavirus to kickoff the forum. The rest of the hour-long webcast will feature talks from our campus innovators.

Berkeley Changemaker Student Impact Partnerships (Laura Hassner & Rich Lyons, Berkeley Changemaker)

Chief Innovation Officer, Rich Lyons, and Laura Hassner will introduce the Berkeley Changemakers vision and talk about how we are partnering to empower students to make changes using technology. 

Instructional Resiliance 

  • BeArS @ Home (Anne Baranger, Chemistry): Delivering the student lab experience via simulations during the pandemic and beyond. 

  • Pearl Project (Amin Jazaeri, Physics): Instrumenting lab equipment to enable rmeote operation of experiments by students.

  • Taking Remote Learning Outside (Tamara Mau, Integrative Biology): Innovating field and specimen-based lab experiences with video, field kits and remote data collection

Extended Reality (XR)

  • Introducing the XR Community of Practice (Owen McGrath and Chris Hoffman, Research, Teaching, and Learning):  Owen and Chris will introduce the new XR Community of Practice, talk about the role of XR in our hybrid education and research world. They will then introduce presentations by some of our VR and AR Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grant Awardees. 

  • Lucid Learning (Eric Paulos, EECS, Jacobs Insitute for Design, CITRIS Invention Lab): Helping students practice early collaboration early in their careers via technology that aims to foster a process for growing ideas, debating, critiquing, and iterating on qualitative projects across media types including AR/VR. 

  • Scaffolding Stores & Building Communities (Pablo Gonzalez, Ethnic Studies): Podcast studio and augmented reality approach help students bring their Ethnic Studies courses to life, putting them in charge of telling stories with their families and communities. 
  • Insight XR (Luisa Caldas & Elnaz Tafrihi, Architecture): Multiple users collaborate on design ideas using virtual, augmented and mixed reality, significantly extending the capabilities of digital technologies for remote leaning.
  • VR Tutor (Bjoern Hartmann, EECS & Jacobs Institute for Design): Helping students of studio-based art and design classes learn virtually. 

1:00pm: Closing

Re-Watch the Day Two Webcast

Fall Technology Innovation Forum Day Two - Webcast

Day 2 Program (Nov. 18, 2020): The Berkeley Connected Campus

12:00pm: Welcome

UC Berkeley CTO Bill Allison will provide brief remarks to introduce the second day of the Fall Technology Innovation Forum focusing on talks and a panel about Berkeley's Connected Campus initiative.

Machine Learning & Connected Devices for Resilience (Karen Lobo, Facilities)

Sensor program for proactive maintenance of expensive of non-redundanct equipment. 

Air Sensors (Sara Souza, Environment, Health and Safety)

Using connected PM2.5 sensors to better evaluate campus air quality for operational decisions during wildfire smoke events.

Smart Covers (Bernadette Rosero-Dugtong Santos & Tim Pine, Environment, Health and Safety)

Using connected sensors in campus infrastructure (stormwater and sanitary sewers) to monitor and respond to environmental incidents. 

Intelligence Curb Management (Seamus Wilmot, Parking & Transportation)

IoT enabled traffic sensors installed at popular traffic junctions are used to create smart traffic patterns to avoid excessive traffic jams. In partnership with Samsara. 

Panel Discussion - The Promise & Possible Pitfalls of the Connected Campus

CTO Bill Allison will moderate a panel to examine how a university can take advantage of emerging smart technologies, while delving into the strategic role of policy, needed guardrails and our institutional values. The panel features: 

1:00 pm: Closing