Insight XR

InsightXR at the Fall 2020 Technology Innovation Forum

FTIF20-10 InsightXR (2020 UC Berkeley Fall Technology Innovation Forum)

FY20 Awardee Profile: InsightXR


This project, submitted by professor Luisa Caldas and Architecture, Building Science and Technology researcher Elnaz Tafrihi Bailey will fund the development of a Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) tool developed by the College of Environmental Design. 

InsightXR is a platform that enables multiple users to collaborate on design ideas using virtual, augmented and mixed reality, significantly extending the capabilities of digital technologies in remote learning. InsightXR supports users by enabling an enhanced experience in 3D content visualization and providing multimodal feedback in remote design learning environments. In Fall 2020, the research team will collaborate with a group of architecture graduate students at the College of Environmental Design to generate building designs optimized for daylighting performance, testing the AR component of InsightXR.

Insight XR Grant Proposal

[Image credit: Original image from: King st. Development in Toronto by Frank Gehry, edited by Elnaz Tafrihi Bailey.]

 AR is particularly relevant for architecture since it extends real world experiences by overlaying physical reality with digital information, augmenting design visualizations and interactions. The AR application will be used during design reviews by visualizing 3D and 2D content and allowing users to provide feedback to each other both in synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This tool will enrich the online learning experience in design disciplines across campus, allowing students to better develop and evaluate the impact of their design proposals. The team aims to bring the app to the public in the summer of 2021.