Lucid Learning

Lucid Learning at the Fall 2020 Technology Innovation Forum

FTIF20-11 Paulos - Lucid Learning Kaleidoscope (2020 UC Berkeley Fall Technology Innovation Forum)

FY20 Awardee Profile: Lucid Learning


  • Eric PaulosAssociate Professor, UC Berkeley EECS Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM) Director, Master of Design (MDes) Chief Learning Officer, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation Director, CITRIS Invention Lab

Lucid Learning is a tool to help students practice collaboration early in their careers. The proposed technology aims to foster a process for growing ideas, debating, critiquing, iterating on qualitative projects that span across domains of expertise that universities typically produce in students. Paulos will start with tools to fabricate techniques for 3D printing and laser cutting, and hopes to move across disciplines such as home healthcare products, and interactive theater performances. Paulos notes that the problems society faces today, including the so-called “wicked problems” are not met with optimal solutions, but with iterative design techniques with input from stakeholders not only on technology, but on ethics, empathy, and the environment. Paulos will bring a learning tool to students in virtual learning environments soon.