Ethnic Studies Podcast - AR

Ethnic Studies Podcast at the Fall 2020 Technology Innovation Forum

FTIF20-09 Ethnic Studies AR Podcast (2020 UC Berkeley Fall Technology Innovation Forum)

FY20 Awardee Profile: “Scaffolding Stories/Building Communities”: Ethnic Studies and Podcast/Augmented Reality in the 21st Century Campus 


Scaffolding Stories/Building Communities is a Podcast and AR program will help students bring their Ethnic Studies courses to life, putting them in charge of telling stories with their families and communities. An interactive website and library of projects will make the students' projects readily available. Students will learn techniques like scaffolding 3D images of archival pictures, and meshing audio and visual podcasts into productions. Students will gain technical expertise, and they will be able to bring this to problems that they see in their communities. They will then create possible solutions, like mapping environmental hazards in Oakland, or building multi-lingual aural aids for immediate challenges, Covid-19 responses or climate adaptations. Projects include using an AR tool like ARTIVIVE to archive community murals.