FY20 Awardee Profile: BLK NWS 

  • Awardee: Shannon Jackson, Associate Vice Chancellor of Arts+Design, Professor of Rhetoric and of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies and the Cyrus and Michelle Hadidi Chair in the Humanities

What will Black public art look like during the time of a pandemic? During a time in which going out- side might disproportionately hurt the community, we want to provide our utmost support.

This year we were faced with the challenge to reconnect with our communities and turn inwards to begin to reflect the change we want to see. At Berkeley Arts + Design, we began to ask ourselves what ideas do we want to continue to raise into powerful visions that reflect a future we had to plan during a time of great uncertainty?

The Berkeley Arts + Design is honored to host the unprecedented multi-screen installation of artist and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph’s BLKNWS at UC Berkeley beginning in Fall 2020.