UC Berkeley Podcast Studio: Engaging & Amplifying Student Voices

April 1, 2022
Through the Berkeley Changemakers Innovation Grant, Dr. Pablo Gonzalez and his team have created a fully functioning podcast studio for students, faculty, and staff to utilize. The purpose of this studio is to give the UC Berkeley community a platform to amplify their voices. The CTO interns were lucky enough to get the opportunity to record at the studio and further understand what this studio means to the university community but also how to get more students, faculty, and staff involved.

Connected Campus

The Berkeley Connected Campus

The CTO Innovation Program recognizes the importance of the University's physical infrastructure, both the new as well as the historical. Current "smart" and "Internet of Things" technologies can bridge the physical and digital campus, making previously unimaginable experiences and efficiencies possible. It will take a multi-organizational endeavor, convening people from different units to rethink the processes, technology and information to realize this vision.

The Berkeley ...

Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants

Berkeley Changemaker™ Technology Innovation Grants

Our grant program takes its name from Rich Lyons’ Berkeley Changemaker™ program. As the University's first Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer, Lyons’ program builds on Berkeley's core identity -- as he's called it, "our common why". UC Berkeley's scientists, humanists, engineers and activists all desire to change the world for the better. ...


FY20 Awardee Profile: VRTutor


Bjoern Hartmann, Associate Professor, EECS, Faculty Director, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

VRTutor will help students of studio-based art and design classes learn virtually. Existing VR applications offer rich immersive environments for students, however students need to transition between wearing their headsets to use VR software, then take them off again to follow video tutorials on bCourses...

Lucid Learning

FY20 Awardee Profile: Lucid Learning


Eric Paulos, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley EECS Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM) Director, Master of Design (MDes) Chief Learning Officer, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation Director, CITRIS Invention Lab

Lucid Learning is a tool to help students practice collaboration early in their careers. The proposed technology aims to foster a process for growing ideas, debating,...

Insight XR

FY20 Awardee Profile: InsightXR


Luisa Caldas, PhD, Professor, Department of Architecture, Director XR Lab - Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Laboratory, Faculty Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Elnaz Tafrihi Bailey...

Ethnic Studies Podcast - AR

FY20 Awardee Profile: “Scaffolding Stories/Building Communities”: Ethnic Studies and Podcast/Augmented Reality in the 21st Century Campus


Dr. Pablo Gonzalez, Ethnic Studies Department and Chicana/o Studies Program

Scaffolding Stories/Building Communities is a Podcast and AR program will help students bring their Ethnic Studies courses to life, putting them in charge of telling stories with their families and...


FY20 Awardee Profile: RTL AR/VR Community of Practice and Support Program


Shawna Dark, Ken Lutz, Chris Hoffman, Owen McGrath and Oliver Heyer, Research Teaching & Learning

RTL will partner with the CTO and our 2020 Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grant awardees Insight XR,...

Integrative Biology Takes Remote Learning Outside

FY20 Awardee Profile: Integrative Biology Takes Remote Learning Outside


Tamara Mau, Lab Instruction Manager, Department of Integrative Biology Paul Fine, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology Michael Nachman, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology

The Department of...

PEARL Project

FY20 Awardee Profile: PEARL Project

Awardee: Amin Jazaeri, Department of Physics

The Physics Department has also been thinking about the challenges of how to do social distance learning and do physics experiments. Physics Experiments Accessed Remotely Laboratory (PEARL) Project1 allows students to have real and physical interaction with laboratory equipment...